NYC: Day 2

While our first day in New York dealt mostly with checking out Times Square and soaking up the city’s energy, our second day was mostly spent trying to take in a few sights. Unfortunately, because of the blazing heat, we weren’t able to see much. We spent most of our day in Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And we then spent the evening at our chosen Broadway show In the Heights.

First stop: The box office for our Broadway Show.This is the poster found outside.

The M&Ms store. We went in mostly for the air conditioning.

My brother got to meet "Elmo" - other characters at the same corner were Spongebob and Minnie Mouse, as well as a Statue of Liberty.

Taking a stroll through Central Park.

The Met, where I took most of the rest of my pictures.


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18 Responses to “NYC: Day 2”

  1. Carolynne says:

    Those are great pictures! Central park is so beautiful :D

    • Marie says:

      It really is! We saw quite a bit of it, but there was still so much to see! I was never aware of how big that place really was until I walked through it.

  2. These pictures just keep getting better and better. NYC looks MAGICAL!

  3. Stéphanie says:

    Oh ! Your pictures are fabulous !!!

  4. Harriet says:

    This looks absolutely amazing, I’d love to visit New York one day!

  5. Sage says:

    Now you make me want to go back to NYC. I have been twice and loved it both times …

  6. Julia says:

    Wow beautiful photos! The huge amount of people in the streets called my attention.
    I’ve never been to NY (or the USA) but I’d love to go visit someday. It looks like such an interesting city!

  7. Meg says:

    Awesome pictures! I hope you and your family had a spectacular time! I love NYC, feel like I know it even though I’ve only been there three times, and have always dreamed about living there — but on second thought, I don’t know if I could deal with a city whose only semblance of nature is a fake urban park from which you can still see buildings and billboards :(

  8. Emily says:

    How was In the heights? I have heard it is amazing. Your trip to NYC looks like so much fun. The husband has never been trying to plan a trip to take him soon.

  9. Maria Celina says:

    I enjoyed seeing the Met photos. My uncle and I were talking about New York the other day, actually, and he mentioned when he went there with my aunt to explore the Met.

    Again, loving the captures!

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